Virginia Morris


Author, EXPLORER and ACADEMIC researcher

Ho Chi Minh’s, Blueprint for Revolution

In the words of Vietnamese Strategists and Operatives

When Saigon fell to North Vietnamese forces on 30 April 1975, the communist victory sent shockwaves around the world. Using ingenious strategy and tactics, Ho Chi Minh had shown it was possible for a tiny nation to defeat a mighty Western power. The same tactics have been studied and replicated by revolutionary forces and terrorist organizations across the globe. 

Virginia Morris has spent the past decade sourcing recently declassified documents in Vietnam and conducting rare interviews with Ho Chi Minh's strategists and operatives, as well as recording testimonies from US servicemen.

Starting in 1900, this book offers a fresh perspective on Ho Chi Minh’s unique political, propaganda and military blueprint and the reasons behind both the French (1945-1954) and American (1959-1975) military failures in Vietnam, concluding with an insight to the threat his model poses today.