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Ho Chi Minh, Blueprint for Revolution

In the words of Vietnamese Strategists and Operatives

The CIA analysed Ho Chi Minhs blueprint for asymmetric warfare. The CIA taught the Mujahideen. The Mujahideen taught the Taliban. The Taliban have influenced other radical Islamic groups. Ho Chi Minh designed the original model to liberate Vietnam, first from the French and then from the Americans. Now the model is what is being used to try to take over countries today.

With rare access only the author has been given this book details how Ho planned and executed his blueprint. This story is told from the point of view of Ho but also the Vietnamese communist strategists and particularly the women who made it happen. The author had contact with key participants through interviews, personal diaries and recently de-classified information from the Communist Party archives.

If people are not warned of the severity of the problem there will come a time when things are totally irreversible, just like they became in Vietnam. The book tells the story of how a still-current model came to be and concludes why this story must be told NOW!