Virginia Morris


Ho Chi Minh’s, Blueprint for Revolution

In the words of Vietnamese Strategists and Operatives

I enjoyed reading this book, studying the maps and seeing the photographs; it is a mammoth account and goes through in detail the blueprint Ho designed and used, through the decades of war, to takeover Vietnam. It is a great book for anyone wanting to understand what went on, because I don't know of another publication which goes into such communist strategy as this.

Robin Eyre, Head of the British Trade Office (British representative in Lao PDR, late 1990s)

A welcome and important work on the conundrum of Ho Chi Minh.

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA Veteran)

Incredible interview details.

James W. Burns, USAF veteran who served in Vietnam

A handbook for revolutionary warfare.

  1. R.Taylor, US Special Forces veteran who served in Vietnam

An important addition to the literature devoted to the man, the Indochinese wars, and the people who participated in them.

Robert Dumont, author on the Vietnam War